Why Choose Fueltrac

Why Companies Like Fueltrac

There are many reasons that nearly 13,000 Fueltrac.us subscribers have made Fueltrac.us the largest diversion and import/export reporting system in the US. Here are few of the reasons:

  • Affordable — no cost for small companies and only $2015.86 per year for Unlimited Subscriptions
  • 24/7 Web Site operation and smart phone access mean timely reporting
  • Common carriers can report as a customer service
  • Unlimited subscribers can export monthly reports to States and trading partners
  • Companies can make sure that fragmented systems match Fueltrac.us records thereby eliminating errors
  • Accommodates drop shipments to multiple States. Quick and easy corrections for all subscribers
  • Multiple Email address for unlimited subscribers — type ahead and full tab support for quick errorless data entry
  • Full PDF file attached to all Email notifications
  • Secure and reliable system with minimal downtime

Why States Like Fueltrac

The system is currently registering over 700,000,000 gallons of cross State line transactions each year. Clearly, Fueltrac.us is the quickest, easiest and most widely used registration system in North America.

  • Increased tax revenue generated from accurate reporting and the "Neighborhood Effect" (see below)
  • Affordable — only $4,000 per year for State Subscriptions
  • Fueltrac.us diversion and import/export registration information dating back to 2006
  • Additional Features available to all State Subscribers
  • Daily Emailed summary reports
  • State controlled XML transmission directly to your backend application
  • Realtime company activity analysis

The Neighborhood Effect

Perhaps the most important reason that is given by States is the Neighborhood Effect. It has been observed that States like Illinois and Georgia experience more voluntary reporting even though they do not appear to use Fueltrac.us for reporting diversions or import/exports. The reverse is also true. Connecticut has not seen the expected reporting apparently because it has no Fueltrac.us State subscriber as neighbors. Several States that have clearly mandated Fueltrac.us reporting have experienced monthly revenue increases in the range of $50,000 to $65,000.