Breaking News! Fueltrac.us Acquired by SDV, LLC...

"Hello Everyone! We’re excited to announce that Fueltrac.us has been acquired by SDV LLC as of June 10th, 2021. Due to this there may be some confusion around invoicing and payments for the time being, however we are working to ensure a smooth transition, so service will continue as normal. Please contact daniel@fueltrac.us or call at (608) 237-1345 for any questions around support or invoicing. All active invoices have been voided by Trac III Systems and new invoices have been issued from SDV, LLC.

Message from Cory Martin:
"After 15 years of building and operating Fueltrac it was time to have a younger and more energetic person take over and continue to provide the same great service that everyone has become used to. I am very happy to say that Dan Kim, the new owner of Fueltrac is very knowledgeable of the fuel business and will be an excellent person to lead this product going forward! I will continue to be available to Dan throughout the transition and beyond if there is ever any need for my help."
Thanks, Dan

State fuel tax reporting should be realtime, accurate, uniform and inform all parties of the transaction. These are the goals we meet with Fueltrac.

  • Fueltrac.us makes the required information available to the States involved.
  • Marketers report any interstate transaction to the free Fueltrac.us 24/7 web site.
  • Fueltrac.us sends out all required notifications in realtime.
  • Unlimited subscribers to Fueltrac.us and Partner States can view transactions or download reports in their custom format.

The system is currently registering over 700,000,000 gallons of cross State line transactions each year. Clearly, Fueltrac.us is the quickest, easiest and most widely used registration system in North America.

Fueltrac is fast, secure and reliable. Our systems meet stringent performance, security and reliability standards.

Server Statistics

Current Users2
Server Uptime9
Active Companies2771

Transaction Statistics

Diversions Registered This Month6,535
Diverted Gallons This Month32,915,785
Imports Registered This Month5,257
Imported Gallons This Month20,535,602