Fueltrac News and Updates

After a lot of hard work, development, and patience... we are excited to announce that our long anticipated Uploader Tool is now finally available for Pre-Sales and Testing! The Uploader Tool will allow you to mass upload diversions and imports via a template in a timely manner. Saving hundreds of hours on time consuming data entry. This feature will only be available via our Fueltrac Enterprise Plan, which multiple FEINs can subscribe to and benefit from all at a capped cost. Please reach out to myself, daniel@fueltrac.us or call us at (608) 237-1345 for any questions / access to our testing server to see if this feature would work for you.

Effective 6/14/2022, there will also be changes to our other plans as well:

1. In an effort to increase Monthly Payment conversions all non Fueltrac Unlimited customers who have paid via Annual Payment in the past will automatically be converted to Fueltrac Unlimited

2. After almost 12 years, the price of all our plans will increase in accordance with the market

3. Web service calls will be made available to all Fueltrac Unlimited customers

4. Our Basic Plan will now only feature 10 transactions for free and house all historical data for our Basic Customers on a different database

Thank you all for your support over the years and never hesitate to reach out with anything!

State fuel tax reporting should be realtime, accurate, uniform and inform all parties of the transaction. These are the goals we meet with Fueltrac.

  • Fueltrac.us makes the required information available to the States involved.
  • Marketers report any interstate transaction to the free Fueltrac.us 24/7 web site.
  • Fueltrac.us sends out all required notifications in realtime.
  • Unlimited subscribers to Fueltrac.us and Partner States can view transactions or download reports in their custom format.

The system is currently registering over 700,000,000 gallons of cross State line transactions each year. Clearly, Fueltrac.us is the quickest, easiest and most widely used registration system in North America.

Fueltrac is fast, secure and reliable. Our systems meet stringent performance, security and reliability standards.

Server Statistics

Current Users33
Server Uptime20
Active Companies2873

Transaction Statistics

Diversions Registered This Month488
Diverted Gallons This Month2,549,806
Imports Registered This Month473
Imported Gallons This Month1,525,426