Interstate Transaction Reporting Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult and Expensive...

Today we have large regional and national petroleum marketers, hundreds of thousands of transactions each month in each State and pressure to automate data handling processes for efficiency and audit purposes. There are a myriad of State reporting options and requirements. Keeping track of each transaction by all parties — State, Carrier, Consignor/Wholesaler, Consignee — can be confusing.

Since 2004 Fueltrac.us has been providing an answer to interstate fuel transactions. Using Fueltrac.us, all fuel shipments that are either Diversions or Import/Exports, can quickly and easily be registered. Fueltrac.us provides an internet solution to tracking these shipments by reporting the transactions so States can track these interstate deliveries and make appropriate excise tax adjustments. Any trading partner involved in these transactions — Carrier, Consignor/Wholesaler, Consignee — can login to Fueltrac at no cost and register the transaction. It's quick, easy and completed automatically.

Fueltrac uses a data ownership model wherein the Company that enters the data “owns” the information that they submit. This voluntary model provides the companies with the highest level of privacy possible. This keeps even Trac III Systems from sharing the transactional information with any party outside of those involved in each transaction. We feel this model, best protects the companies proprietary transactional business information from prying eyes and data mining operations employed by organizations operating at the federal level and beyond. To put it simply, its your data and your business. The only entities that need to see your transactional information are your trading partners and the States involved.

This data ownership model also greatly benefits the taxpayers and State Governments as well. For example, in a scenario where a State were to “own” the information, this would open State Governments, and therefore State taxpayers to liability in the event of a data breach. Putting at risk Millions of Taxpayer dollars, and endless lawsuits is a proposition that simply doesn’t justify any benefits of being able to claim ownership. There are some who may claim that by using agreements and contracts that the burden of liability can be shifted onto the service provider, this is false! Its long been settled that online service providers, that follow current data protection best practice standards cannot be held liable.

State fuel tax reporting should be realtime, accurate, uniform and inform all parties of the transaction. These are the goals we meet with Fueltrac.

  • Fueltrac.us makes the required information available to the States involved.
  • Marketers report any interstate transaction to the free Fueltrac.us 24/7 web site.
  • Fueltrac.us sends out all required notifications in realtime.
  • Unlimited subscribers to Fueltrac.us and Partner States can view transactions or download reports in their custom format.

The system is currently registering over 700,000,000 gallons of cross State line transactions each year. Clearly, Fueltrac.us is the quickest, easiest and most widely used registration system in North America.

Fueltrac is fast, secure and reliable. Our systems meet stringent performance, security and reliability standards.

Server Statistics

Current Users18
Server Uptime13
Active Companies2561

Transaction Statistics

Diversions Registered This Month6,439
Diverted Gallons This Month28,746,120
Imports Registered This Month5,525
Imported Gallons This Month18,923,131